What is Project Apple Tree?

The well being of children is always one of our nation’s most important concerns. The world is changing rapidly and we must provide our children with the skills needed to thrive in this rapidly changing environment. Education is the best gift we can offer our children – and we believe that the first and most important source of this stems also from the values we impart as parents.



Project Apple Tree is an initiative by a group of highly qualified financial advisors from Advisors’ Clique – the top financial services firm in Singapore. We strive to empower parents with perspectives that will put them in good stead when it comes to giving their children the headstart they deserve. As such, we partner credentialed experts in various areas of concern, providing education and advice in engaging ways on the things that matter -  such as healthcare, parenting, and financial planning.

Through avenues such as seminars, workshops and fun activities, we hope to engage our society in raising awareness and financial literacy, providing value add for our young families today.